The Village consists of 323 units with the majority being condo style homes with a few townhomes in the southern most part of the complex.

Each floor in the 600-660 buildings consists of mainly 1 bedroom condos, with 2 studios per floor and two 2 bedrooms per floor.  The furthest east, and furthest from the ocean are 410 foot studios.  As they are the furthest units from the ocean views depend on the building, floor and what’s in front.  One benefit they enjoy is that unlike the 1 bedroom balconies that sit behind each other, the studio balconies are at the widest section of the building and views are a bit less blocked but the unit to the west.

Studio – 410 Sq Ft

Between the 2 studios at the back of the building and the two 2 bedroom units at the front are all identical floorplan one bedrooms.  View are better on higher floors and generally better as you get closer to the front of the building towards the ocean.

One Bedroom – 619 Sq Ft

Each floor also has 2 units (closest to the ocean) that are 2 bedroom/2 bathroom with approximately 938 sqaure feet.  The location at the western ends of the building affords these 2 bedroom units the best views in all of The Village.

2 Bedroom – 938 Sq Ft